Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Irregular Choice go matchy, matchy

Fancy wearing a virtual fruit salad on your feet? How about pink frilly shoes, decorated with teddies? Maybe floral booties? How about if you had the matching clutch bags?

If any of these are setting your world alight then, good news! Irregular Choice, purveyors of the sometimes good, sometimes bad and the frequently fugly shoe, have taken their production of quirky accessories to new heights. Observe:
Now available at Schuh. Don't all rush there at once, mmkay?

The shameful truth is that I kinda like floral booties and the fruit salad combo is starting to grow on me. With the right outfit - read, a lot of neutral - they just might work. It's like admitting to your teenage crush on Sylvester Stallone... I know, wrong, wrong, wrong!

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