Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Pick up a pussybow

If there is one item of clothing that I am always on the lookout - and likely to make a beeline for - when doing a random shop, it has to be a well cut, pretty blouse. And I don't think they come any prettier or any better cut than a good pussybow blouse.

Which is why my eyes widened with lust when I saw these two lovelies at Oasis today. The things about the pussybow blouse, is that you seldom see one that's well done. I like a billow in the sleeve, preferably in a colour other than black (or at least with some sort of pattern), silk and a really nice long bow. These blouses tick all the right boxes.

And this is how I would wear them. (Click on all images to enlarge)

For work:
Because the shirt is see through, I'm factoring in a nice camisole/slip into this. For a little extra I might go with a coloured vest. With the lace pattern it would a good take on that Prada look.

I thought it would be fun to wear with a cute flippy skirt. This grey ruffled and bowed affair from River Island is divine. The addition of some colourful and playful accessories (how much do I love Topshop's Harlequin shoes?) makes it less prim and proper.

For play:
I love the sheer floral print on this blouse. We seem to be constantly bombarded with print trend after print trend. The average wardrobe is, I think, by now a cacophony of prints in every shade and shape available. Mine certainly is.

It's made me think that the only thing to do is keep things fresh is to play with clashing prints and colours. Which is how come this blouse is going with this punky, zipped, leopard print skirt, balanced out by matching (yes, I know, but this outfit needs grounding somehow) purple patent shoes and clutch.

Blue bag and purple clutch; Dorothy Perkins
Harlequin shoes, Topshop
Grey ruffled skirt, leopard-print skirt, and purple patent sandals; River Island

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