Sunday, 24 August 2008

Lacy days

Damn you Prada! I now, suddenly and quite desperately, want some sheer lace to layer in interesting and unexpected ways. I have a few lace items to play with but I wouldn't say no to this awesome skirt, last seen on Wendy B's blog:It's got exactly what I need: stretchy, pencil shape, no lining, and a really strong and wide waistband. It is perfection, but too far away.

I also want Rosiepop's beautiful, ebay-ed, lace dress, which she has cleverly layered over a blue shirtdress here:I've had a look on the high street but apart from a few tops from Topshop, I keep coming across lace prints or touches of lace or ready-lined lace, which isn't what I need. Come on high street, pull yer finger out! Sheer lace. For layering. Got it?

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