Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Marc Jacobs shoe lurve and haaate

This Marc by Marc Jacobs boot is called Shepherds Bush. I'm pretty sure he got the "bush" part right but possibly the material came from the Sheep's, um, bush. Personally, I'd just like to be assured that no Yeti's were skinned in the production of this footwear.
Marc, there is no other way of putting this: these boots are crap and will possibly smell like dead dog if worn in the rain... and for that reason? I'm out.

On the other hand... (Or should that be foot?) these simple patent peeptoes in bright blue with cute red heel, are definitely on my fantasy shopping list. I know that at least Winona would approve. That red heel might just stop her from doing the full smurf.

Shoe images via: Kurt Geiger

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