Monday, 22 September 2008

Goodbye Summer... Hello Autumn

It's the first day of Autumn and I'm finally ready to give up on possibly the worst summer in recent history. Goodbye, flirty summer dresses. So long, shorts and sandals. It's time to bring out the heavy duty woollies and put in that order for thermal underwear.

It's also time to reach into the back of the wardrobe and drag out more weather appropriate clothing. Mostly I'll be wearing:
  • a lot of layered tights and socks in different colours and patterns
  • lots of sweaters, cardigans and vests layered over shirts, tweed skirts, loafers and hats
  • cosy coats and jaunty capes
  • roll neck lycra tops and bodies for layering under feminine dresses to stay warm while looking chic
  • mannish trousers in all the new shapes - pegs, turn ups, 7/8s, etc - and textures
  • Sleek, simple and preferably black long boots; funky, platform ankle boots and colourful shboots
  • lots of cosy and colourful scarves and gloves of varying lengths

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