Wednesday, 20 August 2008

UberMensh - Le Blog de Betty

NB: It's been a while since I Uber Mensh-ed. I'll try not to take so long next time. Also, if you've got a rockin' blog and would like to be Uber Mensh-ed, drop me a line at dressedandpressed[at] and I'll come check you out!

Go to the front page of Le Blog de Betty and from that first image of Betty gurning back at you from behind a superlong fringe, you know you've reach cute-nirvana.

Le Blog de Betty is my daily fix for being hypnotized by the pretty. She's got the bases covered from dressing up to making up.

She's gorgeous, french and impeccably groomed. Now that StyleBytes is no more, I really need that in my life. She's not wordy but she takes good photo's and Gosh Darnit! she's just so cute.

That's why Betty just got the Uber Mensh-ed.

Favourite three posts (difficult to choose really because it's a compendium of cute pics but here goes):

Even her friends are cute.

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