Friday, 4 July 2008

Step away from the shoe sales!

My thoughts on buying shoes at sale time run something like this:

Before I hit the shops: Hmmm, time to buy a decent and reasonably priced pair of sandals and maybe snap up a pair of sturdy shoes/boots that'll see me through Autumn.

Once I'm in the shops: Shoes, lovely shoes and all so cheap! Shop assistant, I'll have every pair you've got in my size!! Yippee!!! *gibber, gibber*

Trust me, loosing your mind in the presence of shoe choice overload is not the most useful way to approach the sales. All you end up with is a load of cheap shoes many of which you will never wear unless you live in a place of perpetual summer and have genetically modified centipede feet...

Okay thinking about what that would look like is really freaking me out... Moving on...

So this summer, I've decided for my mental health to do a little forward planning and set a tight budget. First I'm online checking out what might be onsale and deciding what I need to buy. Then, I'll go see if I can find what I want in the shops and hopefully return with only one pair of summer sandals and - if I'm lucky a nice pair of boots.

Summer sandals (click on image to enlarge):
I adore those lace-up flat pumps from ASOS, even though their pleather. They are dirt cheap at £5.

Sturdy autumn shoes (click on image to enlarge):
Those Chloe wedge shboots are now reduced to £99 at Kurt Geiger! They're dark green, perfect Autumn colour.

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