Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Shoe Lurve - Shellys wedge canvas pumps, £35 at Barrats

I hate white shoes. I have managed by some strange osmosis to imbibe that whole Essex-gel, not-after-labor-day, thing which means that white shoes are now complete anathema.

I also find pointy-toed shoes a bit difficult. For the most part, that extra inch-age makes my great, big, gallumphing feet look even more like boats that usual.

Add to these, the fact that I have hated high-heeled tennis shoes, ever since I saw an image of the inimitable (and I mean that in the worst possible way) Victoria Beckham wearing a pair by Dries Van Norten for the actual playing of a sport.

Why, then, do I find these funky wedge canvass shoes from Shellys so damned attractive? I'll tell you.

Although they are white, they remind me of the Dries Van Nortens that I loved so much and couldn't get my hands on. I love that edgy wedge, sooo much.

And I think with a bit of fabric paint and a few hours' DIY, I could transform them into pretty, arty, paint-splattered darlings like these Jenny Ayayo shoes (left, last seen on Style Bubble). They are also an astoundingly cheap £35. Fantastic!

Only one problem though... I fear they may already have sold out. Ho-frickin-hum.

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