Monday, 3 September 2007

I can't get these damned Dries Van Noten shoes out of my head

My shoe craziness continues. Having first spied these quirky-cute shoes from Dries Van Noten in Poste Mistress (and running screaming from the shop at the mention of it's £340 price tag) my love for them has not abated. I have fallen. Hard.

So hard, in fact, that I went back to Poste Mistress last week, just for another peek and to try them on. Unfortunately, they didn't have the black ones left in my size. Which I should probably see as a sign, except... I still really, really want a pair.

So I went looking online and found some on Head Start Shoes all the way out in Philly, which is fine, if you live in Philly or even in the US, I guess. I have a feeling I'm going to have to rack this under my "the ones that got away" list. Ah, well...

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