Thursday, 3 April 2008

Outfit of the week 03/04/08

As you might have read, after a long shopping hiatus, I went shopping at Primarni last weekend and picked up what I believed to be the best superclutch ever for a mere £6. My friend K was not so impressed, and I'm beginning to wonder if I will actually be able to wear it with anything. So I had a root around on t'internet (as you do) and came up with not one but two ways to wear my bag. So this week you get two outfits of the week in one.

Outfit A: Funky, punky, fun
For this outfit, I was thinking keep it simple and let the bag be the star. This is probably as simple as it gets for me cause I've just got to have some colour. It's kind of of bubblegum pop meets punk, the kind of outfit Debbie Harry might have worn in her hey day. I am deeply, deeply in love with those gladiator sandals from All Saints. I was seriously tempted to buy them online today. If this love continues, I shall have have to put the credit card in the freezer (am I the only one who does that when I decide I cannot spend any money?)

Tee dress, £8, Joia at Oli
Gladiator sandals, £115, All Saints
Pink tights, a selection, Tabio

Outfit B: Gorgeous, girlie goodness
Oli is still my go-to place for pretty pieces, this gorgeous, feminine dress from Looking Glass being a prime example. I've paired it with multi-coloured shoes from Office - I used these in my Minnie Mouse comic book collage - to match the bag and bare legs now that we're having warmer weather. I'm also slightly mad about alice bands with bows at the moment. I think this patent PVC one from River Island is brilliant.

Dress, £60, Looking Glass at Oli
Shoes, £55, Office
Alice band, £2.99, River Island

Which outfit is your favourite?

The results are in and gorgeous, girlie outfit B wins by 41 per cent
33 per cent of you wannabe Debbie Harry and voted outfit A
25 per cent of you loved both outfits so much that you couldn't bear to choose between them
8 per cent of you hate my bag. Boo!

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