Monday, 31 March 2008

The weekend that was - Part 1 Saturday shopping

I went shopping this weekend. That may sound like a pretty mundane statement to you but seeing as I haven't actually done any shopping since December, due to a lack of mon-ay (I've just discovered this term from recently discovering and spending waay too much time on Odd Todd's website) for me, this was a major event.

The budget was £70 (courtesy the Bloke, who decided that some sort of shopping trip was in order for my sanity, no matter how small), so I wasn't about to head down to Dover Street Market or anything. I decided the place to head to was good old Primarni, Marble Arch, for a right royal rummage.

After being out of the shopping loop for so long, maybe a Saturday afternoon's shopping at Primark's flagship store was a little bit ambitious. The place was full of the usual clientele:

  • crazy-ass, bug-eyed tourists busily ticking off shopping lists - or should that be shopping scrolls. I swear some of those lists stretched out like a lifetime's roll of andrex toilet paper
  • teenaged girls accompanied by their very harrassed looking mothers/boyfriends
  • bargain-hunting zombies (of which I am a fully paid up member)

Together we pressed mindlessly towards the cheap wares, slack jawed with the marvel of the £8 dirndl mini skirt and the £12 wedge shoe.

Anyway, enough of my blathering. What you want to know is what I bought right?

  • Two pouffy miniskirts, one navy, one grey with a black border with blue piping - £8 each (which I think is rather expensive for Primark but still, you know, cheap. To be fair the material is really heavy and the skirts well made)
The navy skirt
  • A pair of PVC patent peeptoes with cork wedge heel - £12
  • The most amazing patchwork super-clutch ever, made of a raspberry suede-alike fabric with patches of faux-croc PVC in yellow red and blue - £6. My friend K who I met for drinks later said it was a bit loud. My answer was a raised eyebrow and "Meh?"
  • A ruffle-front, striped, polo neck tee - £8. Again, expensive for Primark. I have noticed that they've been stealthily edging their prices upwards for a while now. Where will it all end? Will I someday be buying £60 dresses at Primark? I shudder at the thought, but stranger things have happened. Remember when Topshop was considered affordable? No? Must be an, ahem, age thing.

I went a little wild when I found out they were also selling coloured alice bands with sweet little bows on them (thereby feeding directly into my current comic book fetish) and ended up buying a few too many in various colours. I also bought some Jangly, dangly, jewelry because buying cheap jewelry that you may or may not ever wear simply because it is cheap is a Primark tradition.

All in all, my total spend came to £54. Not a bad haul at all. The only thing that marred my shopping experience was not being able to get hold of a pair of the red high-waisted button-front shorts in my size. Hopefully, they'll have that restocked soon.

Then it was off for a delightful evening of drinkies with K.

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