Tuesday, 1 April 2008

All the shoes I own - the lost Zara platforms

Yes, I know it's taken a while, but finally, here are the grey sandals with chocolate heel and platform from Zara that I had given up for lost because I couldn't find them anywhere.

All last year, I would wear something brightly coloured and think, I know just the right shoes to go with this, then peer mournfully into the back of my shoe closet hoping that they would somehow magically materialise. Of course they never did.

Do you know why? Because the entire time they were hidden away in an old, decommissioned work handbag, under the Bloke's bed. They had obviously been worn to work, exchanged for flats at some point during the day, taken to Bloke's house and then completely forgotten about.

Note to self: Must be more organised. Yeah, right.

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