Monday, 21 January 2008

The big move - Reasons to be grateful

Finally, the interminable packing, the stress and the madness are over and the bloke and I are happily ensconced in our new home. We're yet to have the internet access sorted and there are boxes everywhere but apart from that it's all pretty darn good.

Despite my constant moaning and wailing and pulling out of hair, moving turned out to be a good thing for these reasons:

1. I found my lovely pair of grey and chocolate platform sandals by Zara. I bought them in the summer then spent most of the rest of the year looking for them. Turned out they were at the bloke's flat all along under a pile of other things that we didn't get round to rooting under. So... bonus, new shoes! I'll post piccies when I can.

2. Also found, the other foot to a paor of over-knee, mid-heeled, black leather boots. Separated when I took one to get the zip fixed. I haven't seen them together for at least 5 years. But they are perfect for height and length and I am so happy to see them. they're like the vintage find of the year. Only, they never were. Vintage, I mean.

3. Plenty of space for all my clothes and shoes and acessories and random stuff. Lot's of storage space, an (almost) walk-in wardrobe (well it a more like a hole in the wall that yo can just about fit two people in if they stood shoulder to shoulder and didn't breath out too much) and an actual wall to wall wardrobe in the bedroom - which I shall sort of be sharing with the bloke, if you call him having 1/4 of the space and me having the other 3/4 sharing. And shelving, I get to put up all my books and knicker-knackers and display my shoes. Whoopee!

So yeah, life is pretty sweet right now. And things will soon be, hopefully, returning to normal blog posts-wise. Again thanks to you all for coming to visit and leaving comments and emailing. You guys rock in awesome ways.

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