Monday, 10 March 2008

Excuse me, there's a hole in these shboots

If there is one item from the whole mess o' trends that are coming out for Spring/Summer 2008 that I can honestly say that I lust after with all the fervour of a fallen nun who's just discovered a secret stash of Playgirl magazines (Oh lordy, I'm going to hell. And all for the price of a witty metaphor) it's the peeptoe shboot. This further hybrid of the shoe plus boot combo did make an appearance last year but this season, I predict it most definitely will be seen on all the most stylish feet (or at least on my stylish feet).

The one's I'm particularly coveting are the black, shiny patent ones with buckle, zip or lace up detail. Like the other shoe of the season, the heeled gladiator sandal, they are desirable because they are fierce. If I so much as look at a pair I want to beat my chest a roar. They'll be perfect for adding some much needed edge to all those flirty floral summer dresses but I'm also thinking that if I must absolutely, positively wear harem or bubble pants this summer (and I must), then these are the shoes I'll be wearing with them.

The fantasyAt just over £300 these shboots from Chloe are not as expensive as they could be, but they're hardly bargain basement, so in my fantasy world where money is no object and I am not dead broke, these would be ideal. Note the shiny patent leather, triangular heel and big shiny buckle. Available at

The fabulous
If you fancy something like the Chloes but your purse is crying "hell no!" then these designalikes from Kurt Geiger might be worthy of your attention. At £180, I have to say, I had to do a double-take because really if your going to pay that much for KGs you might as well go the whole hog and get yourself the Chloes. But they're cute and shiny , if a little bit too simple detail-wise. Available at Kurt

The fanciable

Topshop can always be relied on to jump on a trend and run with it, so unsuprising really when they came up with these two-toned stompers, £95. Perfect for coming over all long-legged, especially with those harem pants (you know you'll be wearing them too). Available at

The (af)fordable
I love the ruched ankle strap and zip detail on these shboots from Office. I'm also loving the price - a mere £75. Okay, they've not got that patent shine or the triangle heel but they do look a lot like the Chloes and they cost a lot less. Available at

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