Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Outfit of the week 11/03/08

I was genuinely pleased last weekend when I picked up a copy of the Sunday Times' Style supplement to find fashion face of the moment, Agyness Deyn (for it is she) on the cover with a strapline purporting to let us into the secrets of her "fashion on a shoe-string". Afterall, enquiring minds want to know if there are still shops off the beaten high street left to trawl in London that offer genuine bargains.

So I was a little disappointed when in among the blatant advertorial for the new Giles Deacon collection at New Look were a tux that cost almost £900, a bag that was over £600 and a perfume (perfume!) that cost just under £200. So. This shoe-string. Is it for a giant? Because otherwise, that cover was a bit misleading.

Still, my heart was gladdened when I saw the genuinely bargainous summer goodies due to hit Primark over the next couple of months. This week's outfit is dedicated to Primark cheap chic and how you don't have to spend a month's wages on a tux to look good, no matter what the Style pundits say. I've also added what times the items are due to be out. You're welcome.

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Dress, £8, out March
Tribal plaited belt, £2.50, in store now
Bangles, £1.50 each, in store now
Leather gladiator sandals, £10, out April
Wooden handle bag, £6, out March
Animal print sunnies, £2.50, out April; all Primark

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