Friday, 29 February 2008

Designalike: YSL plexiglass star necklace Vs the copies

Okay, it's no secret that the world and his wife and I have been lusting after the stupendously covetable plexiglass star necklace from YSL but let's face it, an almost £2000 price tag for what amounts to a piece of fashion frippery is enough to put off all but the most dedicated followers of fashion.No doubt, copies will be all over the high street in a few weeks but if you simply cannot wait another minute then get yourself over to where they are currently doing a roaring trade in a passable copy for £38. They've even taken the time to make the same necklace in single colours if you'd prefer. Just don't blame me if everyone you pass on the street is wearing one just like yours.On the other hand, if you like the idea of a burst of colourful stars round your neck and you like the idea of these colourful stars being affordable and not worn by all and sundry to boot, you can get this quite funky starburst necklace from The Offset for a measly £18. Bargain!

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