Thursday, 28 February 2008

Happy Blogday to me!

Guess what? I've checked and double checked and I can confirm that today is the official Dressed and Pressed blogday, as in this blog is a year old today. Cool!

As I am not one for observing personal anniversaries (because, really, it takes a lot of effort and I'm all about conserving the energy - if you know what I mean) I'm not going to make a huge noise about it but I must say, I didn't think I'd last this long and when I started out with those three lone readers, I never thought there'd be so many, many more.

So I'd just like to say a huge thank you to all of you out there in the webbedy world for coming and reading my blog and making it so much more fun for me than I could ever have imagined. You guys rock. So. Hard.

Sadly, because of the ongoing refusal of my internet service provider to get of it's arse and actually provide some internet service, today's post is brought to you by... my local library. Which means I have nine minutes to finish this post, so I can't do you a dressed and pressed greatest hits list today like I'd like to but it'll make a belated appearance in the next few days.

Till then... The beginning

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