Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Outfit of the week - 01/02/08

This week I'm back on back on Oli again. They have some quite interesting offerings in their spring collection. I spied this JJ Park skirt and blouse combo while surfing recently and, seeing as I am in the middle of what can only be termed as ruffle lust, it caught my eye immediately. I love the pleated bodice and the cute floral applique detailing (this is a subtle way to do the floral trend if your not into colourful blooms everywhere) on the blouse. And the skirt just makes me swoon with pleasure.

I suppose this is sort of a party outfit, really. At the very least I'd call it smart. I hardly ever do monochrome (what can I say, I'm a colourful chick!) When I do, I tend to stick to the tried and tested formula of black and white + a touch of red = good to go. So I wanted to play around with that a bit. So I've added these adorable tan shoes and a multi-striped bag to add some less predictable interest.

71 per cent of you rated this outfit a cute Do and 28 per cent of you thought it was a bit boring.

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JJ Park pleated rosette blouse, £60
JJ Park ruffled tiered skirt, £65 both at Oli
Office floral vamp t-bar, £55
Aldo multi-coloured stripey bag, £20
Accessorize ribbed opaquue tights, £8

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