Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Pleats please!

With the distinct lack of interweb action chez nous lately, I have grown very hungry for some surfing action. So much so that I virtually gobbled up the screen today looking for new stuff. And I have now found myself a new style crush.

Laydees, I present... pleats. And not just any pleats. I want the cute, feminine, floaty pleated peices from Meghan Fabulous and PPQ on the ASOS site. Where have they been all my life?

Yes, they cost a pretty penny but they look so good. I really must pull my finger out and do some DIY soon. In the same vein, I am also seriously crushing on ruffles, I just love the fussy drama of them. They seem to be popping up a lot in other bloggers' post too recently, so it must be some sort of weird fashion osmosis effect.

I also noticed that African prints have been making the rounds lately, which is handy because I have a stash of cloth that I've been itching to play with. I wonder what it would look like pleated or ruffled? Maybe I'll make a big, ruffled African cloth brooch (something like those big, ruffled shoulders in the S/S 08 ready to wear Balenciaga dresses) and see how it looks.

Balenciaga image via Style.com

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