Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Sales surfing - Treasures to treasure

Recently, I find myself spending quite a lot of time idly surfing the interweb for sales items. Today I came across a site called Polkadot who do a nifty trade in beautiful and unique vintage jewellery. Best of all, they've got an up to 50% sale on.

I totally drooled over some of the more dramatic pieces like the Yve Speight choker. I've been dreaming of wearing it with amazing off-the-shoulder gowns and my hair in a chignon. It is sooo Cinderella. And the ruby ring makes me think of the decadence of a Russian Tzarina. I want them all.
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Selection of jewellery images from Polkadot Jewellery

You'll probably have noticed the "Top Tips" box in the top right hand corner. Keep an eye on it cause everytime I get wind of interesting offers or sales, they go in there. Don't miss out on a bargain or two!

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