Thursday, 13 December 2007

Oops! I came late to the party...

I'll just go get my coat... My lumberjack coat! Because, as if by magic, long after everyone else has managed to, I've finally got into the Lumberjack trend.

Oh, I like to be in the ol' countree with a banjo on my knee-ee!

It's been a slow filter-through: a flash of plaid and flannel here, a chunky boot there... some cute chick looking adorable in a trapper hat... (A trapper hat! Oh my lord!) Yet I can't get the image of me with my grey skinnies tucked into my chunky boots with my lumberkjack shirt and trapper hat (and for some reason cozy, cozy, mittens knitted by an amalgam of every lovely, smiling grannie I have ever seen) out of my head.

By now, of course, the high street has moved on to flimsier, shinier things but I am suddenly craving the stylish comfort of my very own waterproof, fleece-lined boots in a manly colour such as Khaki or Tan (in my mind those words sound like they're being read out by the Marlboro voiceover guy. All with emphasis on the first syllable, Kha-ki, Ta-nn).

It was hardgoing but I perservered and found flannel Nirvana, lumberjack loveliness, fleece-lined heaven in the form of Cotton Traders. Thermal hiking socks... Woohoo!

Do you ever get the feeling that despite your best efforts and your advertising nous, sometimes all that marketing and subliminal messaging actually works? I mean, sometimes it takes a while... but it works. Aww shit... *hangs head like the pitiful shopaholic she is*

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