Wednesday, 28 November 2007

You have got to see this

We all like to think we're not naive. We know that celebrity and magazine images go through a lot of air brushing in order get that luminosity of which we all approve.

If, like me, you spend a lot of your time poring through the magazines and wondering (in abject envy) how everyone manages to look so good (conveniently forgetting the airbrushing) then you really should go see what the before pictures look like at Iwanex studio and reclaim your sanity.
Because no-one real ever looked as good as they do in the movies, in adverts or in photos and it's high time we all just stopped trying.

Eva Longoria - What I find most disturbing about this image is that they airbrished it to make her look fatter! How guant do you have to be for photoshop curves to be added? Eat a frikkin burger already.

Will the real Matthew Macfayden please stand up? He's still handsome man. Only with flaws. Like real people.
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