Sunday, 14 October 2007

So fugly! Sex and the city -the wedding

storm in a GG cup - SJP in that dress

Let's get one thing straight up front. Sex and the City - the series was the best thing on television, when it was on television. I loved Carrie's quirky style, I had a big crush on Mr Big and I thought that ballsy Samantha was the best thing since vibrating, battery powered, lady toys.

Like a sizeable chunk of women the world over, I am waiting for the movie with baited breath. It reminds me of those Friday nights spent in with the girlfriends, drinking too much wine and cackling like witches at the witty observations on single male-female relationships.

However, the release of the pics from the Carrie's wedding have left me in tears. Of laughter. Because all I can think is, what the fug?! Apparently, Patricia Feild and Sarah Jessica Parker, spent three years looking for the perfect dress and fell in love with this Vivienne Westwood creation. I am wondering if they also spent those three years getting high because... it's fugly. It's an enormous, bad, meringue nightmare, made all the worse because, SJP looks like she was sentenced to death by smothering in a duvet factory.

SJP, let me tell you straight honey. Your wedding dress doesn't fit. At all! The bodice section alone made me cringe because you could see all of SJP's tiny pigeon chest, totally unsupported by the acres of material, which is obviously made for a person with, er, more chest. And when she bends over? Holy mother, she might as well not be wearing anything at all and what we see? Is not pretty.

So my question is: Pat, what look were you going for here? Because whatever it is, it is so not working.Ooh, Aah, lost my... entire upper dress area!

It is a well known fact that Viv designs for the curvy lady, so what anyone was thinking when they put the teeny tiny SJP in this dress, remains one of the world's great unsolved mysteries.

Sadly, this is only the beginning of the nightmare.

Next: Sam, Charlotte and Miranda go large.

Pictures courtesy Daily Mail

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