Wednesday, 21 November 2007

So Fugly! Oh look, it's Boobyonce!

dressed and pressed so fugly Beyonce
Hey, I'm not trying to hate on you Bey. Afterall, you and JLo singlehandedly made big booty beautiful but... What are you trying to do here? Did you get in some freak accident where your "front" got swapped with your "back"? Because, trust me, this will not cause the rennaissance of the boob.

Honey, you might as well have gone out nekkid from the waist up with your hands cupped under you bare breasts, shouting "take a look at these babies" (or should that be boobies? Whatevs).

All I can say is, put 'em away love. Afterall, we are not a page three model, are we?

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