Friday, 23 November 2007

Bring on the big pants

dressed and pressed, sienna miller, big pantsThe wrong way to do it: Sienna's outfit looks pants.

Remember how last week I posted a short review about Urban O's big sequin pants? I believe the tone was mainly: No! Stoppit!

I got some bumf in the inbox today from Topshop about their big metallic pants that has set my mind in motion. Interestingly, the big pants trend isn't that new. You may remember the uproar that ensued when a certain Sienna Miller wore a pair to the London premier of Factory Girl this summer (BTW, did anyone see that film?)

Anyhoo, the big pants are now the big news and actually rather than my usual rant about unwearable fashion, I'm thinking: I could wear this trend. Trick is not to wear it as outerwear, (I mean really, who gets away with wearing underwear over tights with nothing else except super heroes?) but as underwear that other people can see.
dressed and pressed, sheer skirtThe right way to do it: wear with a sheer skirt or dress for extra va va voom

What I'm trying to say is, those pants would look great worn with a sheer dress or skirt. Like this skirt from Calvin Klien's A/W 2006 collection or a chiffon dance skirt. I think to pull it off you'd be looking for the skirt to be black with some volume and you'd want to wear it with some pared down like a long sleeved leotard. I'd add high, high heels in a bright colour and matching bag. The look is sheer (heh!) drama.

So, big pants, wearable afterall. Who'd a thunk it?

Topshop big pants, £8
Calvin Klien Sheer skirt
Chiffon dance skirt at Creations

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