Sunday, 14 October 2007

So fugly! Sam, Charlotte and Miranda go large

More horrors from the set of Sex and the City - the Movie. Not only is Carrie wearing the wedding dress that ate New York, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda are also forced to share the misery.
So here's Charlotte continuing the fugly wedding theme in her Transyvannian transexual meets flamenc-Oh no! dress. Look, it's even got bat wings at the back! All the better to fly, my pretties, fly.

Poor Sam gets the red dress with the frou frou - because she's the hot enchilada, geddit? The point is further rammed home with some fugly ass, white chilly pepper earrings. Miranda, meanwhile, gets the big blue house, sorry, dress because she's Miranda and nobody ever cared what she wore anyway.

Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends wanted to play Charlie's Angels but there was always a huge fight because no one wanted to be Sabrina? Well Miranda is the Sabrina of SITC.

Pictures courtesy Daily Mail

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