Wednesday, 3 October 2007

So fugly! D&G "Big Bird" beenie, £50

This beenie was brought to you today by the letter I for "ick!"

So. What do you think the D&G boys were thinking when they made this. Was it:

a. "Wee must show zee world that wee have zee sense of humour. Wee must show zem that we can do wackee too"

b. "Wee will take zee peez and see if any of zose fools will buy eet"

c. "Wee love Sesamee Street, especially Beeg Bird. Let's make a reeely expensive beanie"

d. All of the above

I'm sorry guys. I cannot explain this. I don't think Messrs Dolce or Gabbana can either. Just look at it and marvel.

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