Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Lost in space

Gun belt, £21; Exo gloves, £35; headpeice, £175; x vest, £25 and silver bustier, £60; all Cyberdog

Spurred on by my latent desire to be a fembot and Queen Michelle's Stormtrooper suprise, I think I have finally found style nirvana at Cyberdog.

I don't know how long they've been around but I first came across them on a leisurely stroll/windowshop through Carnaby Street last week. A window display for one of the many jeans shops made me do a double take. There, in all it's glory, was a vest top not dissimalar to Michelle's but matt black and sort of breast-platey looking.

On further inspection, I found the item on display was not available in the jeans shop but the work of some alternative clothing company called Cyberdog. I looked up their website and... where have you been all my life while I've been dreaming of electric sheep?

I am already imagining all manner of Cyborgy outfits for Halloween. But also, I would totally wear all their stuff, all year round. Truly Cyberdog, you are awesome.

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