Thursday, 10 May 2007

I wanna be a fembot

Toy Gun courtesy

Today I'm suddenly struck by the urge to cover myself in silver lamé and go find a very big gun. Preferably one that shoots death rays... the kind that daleks have.

So I've spent a criminal amount of time surfing the net looking for stuff that, should I choose to ever wear it, would make me look like a badass female alien life form.

I couldn't find a single silver PVC bomber jacket out there. Did I miss the memo that said the futuristic trend is over?

How cool are these boots? I mean, if I were an alien from another planet, I would absolutely insist on boots like these. I'm sorry, these boots are so beyond cool, they could give liquid nitrogen a run for the money.

I bet that these metallic leggings by American Apparel are going to be best sellers. Ideally, you'd need flawless pins to pull off the look but who cares? I just like them cause they're shiny.

If only I had the body to make like an amazonian alien warrior, then I'd be wearing this one-shoulder, liquid foil top from Warehouse. Only, mine would be slashed to the thigh, natch.

In the absence of a decent PVC silver/metallic bomber jacket, this metallic belted blouse from Mango should do nicely. Hope I land somewhere near the sun.

Images from top: Fox adult trucker boots, $139.95 from; American Apparel silver lamé leggings, £28; Warehouse one-shoulder top, £30; Mango puff sleeve top, £45

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