Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Men in tights

So I'm online this week surfing for interesting and colourful pairs of tights when this hits me between the eyes:
Yes, ladies, it's a man. In tights. Once I got over the hysterical fit of giggles, I started to do some research. Apparently, this is a thing. Men are now buying and wearing tights.

According to what I've read, mantights are comfortable and "create a smooth line" under their trousers. On the one hand, I'm thinking: Ye Gods! Smooth lines? Whatever happened to wearing the same par of Y-fronts for a week without washing and then turning them inside out for the following week?

On the other hand, I'm thinking: fair's fair. Women have been wearing trousers and other male apparel for a while now and tights are warm and do indeed "create a smooth line". I just hope that blokes don't start getting ideas and start wearing our bras and frilly knickers...

What's that you say? Ship. Already sailed? Gah!

Do you know any blokes who wear tights? Should men wear tights? Talk to me.

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