Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Five of the best... pencil skirts

I've been getting a deluge (okay, a small but constant trickle but a girl can dream) of questions lately about pencil skirts. And I'm not suprised, it's not hard to miss them as they are all over the place right now.

And luckily, they're not hard to wear either. Here are my thoughts:

You can wear them with virtually any top - although they work best with pretty blouses.

They look better on curvy figures - why should the beanpoles always have all the fun?

I don't care how long your legs are, pencil skirts do not work with flats.

I love them high waisted and cinched with a big belt.

You should get extra style points if they're in a bold colour, like the cobalt skirt from Wallis.

Here are my fave five:

Click on image to enlarge
From top to bottom: Topshop red satin, £30; Wallis cobalt blue, £30; Oasis high waist, £40, Jaeger tweed with leather piping, £165; Coast belted, £85


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