Thursday, 30 August 2007

Gil's back and better than ever

Shoes glorious shoes - Gil Carvalho for Faith

In the these times of the over-hyped designer/high street collab, it's sort of refreshing that Gil Carvalho has returned to Faith with a new collection with nary a whimper in the press.

It's also quite sad because if ever anyone actually deserved some hype, this shoe designer is one of them. I love this guy's shoes. They are so cool, so pretty, so tall. What's not to like?

With a starting price of £115, these shoes are at the top end of the high street shoes price scale but they are so desireable, all it takes is a little shopping maths: this one pair of shoes is equal to two pairs of Schuh shoes, so I won't buy two pairs of Schuh shoes, I'll buy this pair instead.

It makes sense in shop-logic, trust me.

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