Wednesday, 29 August 2007

"It" bags - cue the backlash

Anti-It bags - Clockwise from top: Laura, $895 and Jenny, $1595 by Gryson; Stormy tote, $550 and Hailey clutch, $395 by Kage; black patent tote by Lockheart

After the travesty of the world's most expensive bag, and the weekly introduction of yet another "It" bag, it comes as no suprise that the "anti-It" bag is now the new, er, "It" bag.

The anti-It bag is typified by its durability and timelessness and lack of hardware or frou-frou. It's less about what the celebrity du jour is wearing than what you want to wear. Forever.

This new trend seemingly started way back last winter. According to Fashion Wired Daily, its forerunners are US-based, indie design companies Gryson and Lockheart.

Joy Gryson, head of Gryson and based in New York declared, "we proudly describe ourselves as the anti-it bag." Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Trang Huynh and Jennifer Tash of Lockheart said, "Instead of being focused on the 'It' bag craze, we wanted to create handbags that our customers will feel deeply connected to and call their 'It' bag."
More recently, designer Kristin Holstein has jumped on the bandwagon with her Kage collection of bags, which according to are "a pleasure to carry." Who knows who'll be next.

On the face of it, this idea is very cool but let's face it, these bags may be anti-It but they're still as expensive as their predecessors. I couldn't afford an It bag and I can't afford an anti-It bag either, so where does that leave me?

Back to where I always go: small boutiques, vintage, high street gems. These are the real anti-It bags and guess what? They've always been there.

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