Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Cocktails by the pool, anyone? - I intend to out-Diva Diana

Finally, the wait is over. I am outta here and on my way to sunny Nice for a week of sun, sea and... swimming cossies. Because, ya'll, I have far too many of them.

I have somehow managed in a few short months to amass a staggering 10 pairs of bikinis and 5 swimming costumes. Maybe that's not that much. Maybe there are people out there who own a different swimming costume for every day of the year.

Let me just remind you that I do not live in Miami or Rio or the Bahamas, in fact I do not live anywhere with a beach, speak less of a beach culture. I live in London and - this may come as shock so brace yourselves - we don't get much sun round here!

So, how I have managed to garner enough beachwear for 20 days' costume changes on a desert island is beyond me.

Add to this, my ever growing array of floaty maxi dresses, my multi-coloured collection of shorts courtesy of H&M (canary yellow, cornflower blue, pretty, pretty pink - gotta love da hmm people), beach sandals and flip flops a-go-go and you can see why it sucks to be me when it comes to packing a suitcase.

And presuming I get all this gear into my teeny-tiny suitcase, how am I going to wear all this stuff in just one week? With persistence and sheer bloody-mindedness, that's how.

I intend have more costume changes than Diana Ross at the height of Diva-dom. On acid. There'll be the morning outfit, the beach outfit, the siesta and evening outfits and then there'll be some for just lounging about.

Anyway, Nice awaits. Wonder what the shopping's like there. Can't wait to find out.

Au revoir!

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