Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Karen Millen, I'm liking your style

As cheaping madness continues all over the nation (possibly the world), I have become increasingly bored with the likes of Primark, Peacocks, MK one and Matalan. Lately, I find myself attracted to the slightly more rarified shopping experience of places like Karen Millen.

I know! It's hard to believe but cheaping has turned me into a clothes snob. There is something about knowing that everyone knows your secret cheap haunts that takes the shine off the whole experience.

I mean, what's the point of shopping cheaply if you can't smile smugly and whisper the price while others applaud your cheaping nous.

So, these days I find myself wandering into Karen Millen, Jigsaw, Monsoon et al and blanching at the prices, while approving of the fine detail and adding up how many Primark dresses would equal one of these Karen Millen sequin numbers(right).

Looks like my cheaping honeymoon is over.

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