Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Oops! These might be the most expensive shoes I have ever bought

Okay, I wasn't exactly planning to buy anything; just a spot of gentle window shopping in the name of research, so I'm not exactly sure how this happened.

I just walked past the Faith shoe store and the next thing I'm in there and I'm looking at the most delicious pair of platforms I have ever seen.

I think to myself: Wow, those are cool. I look at the price and think: oookaaay! Then I think: I'll bet they are really uncomfortable... I'll just try them on.

This is where it all goes wrong. I try the shoes on and not only do they fit perfectly, they are very comfortable indeed. Add to this the fact that my relatively short self now looks about 6 feet tall. I whip out the card and buy them before I can change my mind. Such is the life of shopaholic.

And how much do these Gil Carvalho, Catarina, beautiful, brown leather and mock-croc, platforms with gold piping and buckle detail cost? Why, a mere £115. It's beans on toast for the foreseeable future, then.

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