Thursday, 1 March 2007

The one that got away

While I’ve been working away at culling my wardrobe down to a reasonable size, I have also, like any self-respecting shopaholic been shopping for new season finds. So far, I’ve managed to find some beautiful and affordable pieces, mainly from H&M, who have managed to put together a stupendous collection which just keeps getting better and better every week.

My best buys so far are a beautiful ladylike black cocoon-dress with a white pixie- collar and ties just under the breast that give it lovely ruched effect and a gorgeous, fully lined, pouffy, black, high-waisted mini-skirt. Warehouse have also managed to dazzle me with some great finds, like their cool racer-back top in lemon yellow.

But I still haven't found that perfect summer coat that will work with the new wardrobe. I searched high and low, looked at and rejected quite a few contenders including a lovely pale yellow cocoon coat with pretty three-quarter length sleeves, which I rejected because I hate pastel shades.

Then, browsing through Grazia magazine, what did I spy but the perfect coat. So perfect was this coat in fact, that I was instantly transfixed. A camel brown swing coat, with pouffy, three-quarter length sleeves, a bib front and princess collar. It was exactly what I needed. It was love at first sight. I wanted that coat there and then. My only obstacle was that the shops were closed.

Which brings me to another thing: H&M, why oh why does your website suck so much and when are you are you finally going to sell your wares online? Must I wait in vain? Why do you punish me so? Why?!

Anyway, bright and early the next morning I jump on the tube, Grazia clutched tightly in my hand ready to do battle for my prize. I looked in every H&M I could find, there were hundreds of coats, in every colour shape and size, my beloved was not among them. I asked shop assistants, some of whom were very helpful but actually knew very little. I found out a lot of useful things, like the fact that H&M have a delivery everyday and that they had some very pretty seventies inspired jewellery but no one could tell me how to get this coat.

So I did what - admittedly - I should have done in the very first instance, I called up the press office, where the delightful Clare (hello Clare! You’re lovely) let me know that the coat in question was already sold out! Nooo! I screamed, falling to my knees, pummelling the air with my mobile phone while cursing the shopping gods. How could this be? My dream summer coat, lost to me forever. Ah cru-el, cru-el, fate. Okay, none of that really happened but it should have, such was my utter sorrow.

I have done a sweep of ebay in the hope that those cold-hearted fashion vultures who buy cheap to sell high and, really, have no beauty in their souls, will be trying to get rid of one but no luck so far.

So here I am back on the search for the perfect coat, any and all suggestions are thankfully received.

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