Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Thank heaven for skinny girls

I’ve been following the current hoopla surrounding skinny models with a some degree of cynicism lately. It’s as if everyone has suddenly forgotten what models are. I mean, what else is a model to do if not be skinny. That, I would say, is a considerable part of the modelling job description. It’s not as if they’re supposed to be like ordinary mortals. What would be remotely interesting about that? What’s next? Models to be less tall, have pot bellies, pimples?

Just to put this thing to bed in my mind once and for all I logged on to trusty for guidance. The definition that particularly caught my eye being definition number 2: a representation, generally in miniature [italics mine], to show the construction or appearance of something. Hee! Now if that isn’t the definitive, er, definition, I just don’t know what is.

Models are freaks of nature. They stand out because they have the leg measurements of the average skyscraper or because they manage to have a luscious cleavage and a 22 inch waist. Not everyone is so blessed and it is not something that you can make happen if you weren’t born with it – unless, of course, you are happy to let some quack remove a few ribs (yes, Cher, I am talking about you).

Why blame the models? They’re just being what they are supposed to be – tall, skinny, pretty, pouty, young. Why not blame the designers with their fugly clothes that only ever look good on models and, that they expect us, real women, to buy. The thing is, as long as we have these women who obviously have more money than sense or taste for that matter (read WAGS and bloody, bloody, Victoria Beckham) these designers getting away with it. For now.

Surely it can only be a matter of time before the backlash; before we start looking at ourselves in the mirror and realising that there is no point in trying to look like models because most of us simply will never look that way. What we need is more clothes that are made for real women that help us look good with our God given booty, whatever size that booty might be. Which is why I applaud the lovely M&S with their dresses with the hidden support that keeps us nipped in at the right places and looking our gorgeous best.

And to the designers and their fancy models, I say, you can kiss my big behind buh-bye.

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