Thursday, 1 March 2007

Bargain of the week

dressed and pressed - Vivienne Westwood shoes
Forget cork heeled wedges and overlasted platforms by just about any shop on the high street these days. Long before all the shops went big heels and platforms mad, Vivienne Westwood had broken the mould. Remember those sexy, stilt like platforms from which the towering Naomi so publicly toppled?

For years I have coveted the beautiful workmanship and quirky elegance of the Westwood shoe, stalking various boutiques, salivating at shop windows, my heart breaking at the thought that I would never own one of these beautiful creations that were so far out of my budget. Until now, that is.

For now, I am the proud owner of a beautiful pair of navy-blue, overlasted, Westwood platforms. I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across the last pair in the shoe sales at Poste Mistress and at around a 70% mark-down to a mere £80. That, my friends, is a bargain.

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