Friday, 9 March 2007

Custom made

You might have noticed that I’ve been on the style individuality soapbox this week. So what better way to celebrate all things stylish and individual than to have a little talk about customising.

These days, when everyone is hell bent on having that same must have item from the high street, how do you make it uniquely yours? Why you customise, of course. It’s relatively cheap and easy.

You’ll need to be able to at least sew on a button and do up a hem (you can cheat on this – more later). You’ll need stuff like ribbons, buttons, badges and fancy appliqué stuff, if your inclined. Find them in a haberdashery – John Lewis is good for this – or on market stalls – try Spitalfields, Camden or Notting Hill.

I tend to pick things up as I go along for use later, as a consequence I’ve got a whole boxful of various pretty knick-knacks.

The easiest thing to customise with is ribbon, it comes in various sizes and colours and is incredibly versatile. Use it as a belt – works really well with empire line dresses, lace boots with it, tie a pretty bow and sew on to tops.

Use colourful buttons, appliqué or badges to fancy up a plain top, a drab hat or an old blouse. It’s easy. For blouses, just replace existing buttons with fancy versions or different coloured ones. Stick a cluster of colourful badges on a hat (I would suggest not overdoing this. Pick a space and stick to it. We are not a pearly queen). Stick some cute appliqué on that new t-shirt. Instant standout style.

Here's one I made earlier... Ribbons for laces? Easy peasy.

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