Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What do we think about... winter shorts

So amongst other fun things last weekend, I spent a leisurely pub lunch with K debating whether it is strictly necessary to wear shorts in the winter.

Let me just state for the record that I am in the pro corner here because, firstly - why the hell not? Who is this arbitrary fashion leader in the sky who has advocated that some bits of clothing are for one season and some for another? Surely as long as you are warm and comfortable then a pair of shorts can be worn whenever. Up to you really. But it would be a a crap debate if that was the end of the discussion.

So here are the cons, according to K, who by the way has legs for days so this is not one of those sour grapes debates where because you have fat thighs you decide that all skinny jeans are evil. They are not evil. Only for you, thunder thighs.

1. K says: Shorts are for the summer, they are for keeping you cool. They are a summer version of trousers.
I say: Shorts can be worn all year round, it just depends on what you're wearing them with. In summer you can wear them bare-legged with sandals, in winter you wear them with 3 layers of tights, woolly socks and and knee boots.

2. K says: Shorts in winter are as crazy as wearing a bikini over a poloneck sweater.
I say: *picturing a sunny yellow two-piece over a ribbed black poloneck* Heh! Heh heh heh... Hee! Stop it! They are not even in the same ball park my friend and you know it. But thanks for that mental image. I shall treasure it and pull it up for a giggle when times get bad.

3. K says: Why not just save yourself the aggro and just wear trousers?
I say: because I don't want to wear trousers. Trousers are not infinitely comfortable. In particular, trousers are not the greatest thing for cycling. You might think jeans would work on a cycle but here's the thing: skinnies are too tight and restrict blood flow to your legs, boyfriend jeans are too baggy and you risk getting the hems caught in the pedals and as for boot cut jeans - foggedabbouditt! Wide hems and tight at the top. Disaster. On the other hand, an easy pair of cutt offs over your many layers of leggings and tights and boots and socks is comfy and warm.

4. K says: I'm still not convinced. What about this?:
I say: Aaah! Get that thing away from me. What is wrong with you? I thought you were my friend. My eyes, my eyes!! *wail*. Basically we're talking about the dreaded Momsen effect. This is where you pile on all your winter woolies, as you do, this being winter and all, but just on the top half of your body and then pretend it's summer by wearing hot pants and lacy tights. Or in Taylor's case no pants at all that anyone can see. Again, this is different. I'm talking comfy shorts and your legs wrapped up in enough layers to keep them warm. I rest my case.

So, whose side are you on, winter shorts or... "shut up until summer, shorts!" ?

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