Thursday, 28 January 2010

Material Girl - So bad it's good

Clothes so bad they'd make a first year fashion student weep, more queens per square inch than a San Francisco gay pride parade, Dervla Kirwan playing a class A fashion bitch with more ham than a panto dame at a pig farmers' convention. It can only mean one thing: Material Girl, BBCs new fashion drama. It is dire. And I love it.
Ali Redcliffe (Leonora Crichlow)

The story centres around the trials and tribulations of ambitious, talented fashion designer Ali Redcliffe (Leonora Crichlow) and her various friends - all of whom also work in fashion. There've been 3 episodes so far and it's been drama after drama. It makes you wonder how she has time to design clothes at all.

Scary Davina Bailey (Dervla Kirwan)

Speaking of the clothes, if you've come to this programme expecting to see serious fashion eye-candy you've got the wrong show. Let's just say Sex and City it ain't. I'm not sure what sort of budget was assigned to this programme or what's happening in the BBC wardrobe department here but every time one of the actors looks at one of Ali's new "designs" and deadpans "it's beautiful!" it's like a moment in an alternate reality. Because, seriously? It really, really isn't and no amount of saying can account for the hideousness regularly confronting our eyes.

If, on the other hand, you were addicted to Hotel Babylon and you like your telly shows with more twists and turns than Footballers Wives at it's craziest, then pull up a comfy chair and a cuppa, this is an hour of your life worth wasting.

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