Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fine jewelry with bite

I'm picky when it comes to spending proper money on jewelry. I like it to be chunky and/or unusual. I'm not a huge fan of diamonds - for the obvious and myriad other reasons. I don't usually do gold either. Too brash, too shiny, too shouty. That doesn't leave room for much.

So it's rather refreshing to be introduced to the twisted works of Bittersweets NY, who do jewelry in silver and gold and diamonds but also have a sense of humour and the macabre.

Bite me! - Vamp rings and hinged vamp pendants

I heart you. No, really. - Beating heart charm

Monkey see, monkey do - monkey skull pendant

Creepy! - gold and silver maggot charms and silver worm bracelet

For those who want something really one of kind they also do a custom service.

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