Friday, 10 July 2009

There's a lot you can do with Cotton... Apparently

The thing about celebrity and the money and fame it brings, is that people will keep knocking on your door offering you new ways to use your advantage to sell things. If you're smart, you choose wisely. You only get involved with projects that you know for sure that you can do (or pay some poor sap to do for you) and you leave the rest well alone.

But sometimes, you start to think you can do anything and that's when things go awry. Case in point: Fearne Cotton has just designed her first ever clothing collection. Now I may be wrong, but I think it looks shit. Not only does it look cheap, tatty and dated but it's also wildly and optimistically overpriced.

Take a look for yourselves:
Frankly, I've seen better stuff at BHS. The clothes are ill-fitting and boring. They make her look like a Mouseketeers reject. They don't even fit in with her edgy, rock chick image, so why do this?

There's moral to this story: stick to what you do well. Fearne Cotton, great at presenting on telly, pants at designing clothing. End of.

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