Monday, 6 April 2009

Shoe Lurve - Bronx wedge gladiator, £68.50

Boots, they look good on most people and really go well with summer denim. One problem though, they are essentially cold weather wear. No matter what we tell ourselves, the denim shorts/summer dress and boots combo borders a little too closely on WAG territory. What to do then? Step forward, the summer boot.

Here's a prime example of what I mean. Schuh have decided to call them gladiator sandals but we know better, don't we? This is not a gladiator sandal. This is not a sandal at all. This is clearly a boot; one made to be worn in the summertime.

Note the cutout detail and the peep toe, note the way the back rises to embrace the back of the foot and ankle (muck like an ankle boot would) and it has laces. Come on!

They would look damned good with some jazzy socks (especially if your like me and think that your bare feet are not fit for public viewing) and rolled up jeans. I am also totally smitten by that covered wedge. The perfect boot for summer.

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