Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Nothing but the Irregular

I know I have had occasion to rag on Irregular Choice for being a little, shall we say, over-imaginative with their style. But, let's face it, their shoes are never dull or boring. This exhuberance appeals more than it repels.

So imagine my unbridled joy when I found out that they now have an online store. That means pile upon pile of pictures of shoes like this, all available to buy:Aren't those multi-pastel coloured booties in the middle just the most adorable things you've ever clapped eyes on. Like fairy cakes. For your feet. Mmmm!

And, as if the very heavens conspire to make my joy complete, they've recently opened a physical store on Carnaby Street (off Oxford Street in London). What's that high pitched sound you hear? Why, it's my gleeful girlie squeals of sheer delight. "Wee!"

*Note to add: Here's a link to the UK store.

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