Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Lost weekend, too

So, Friday shopping. I had a 20 per cent off shopping voucher from New Look burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to venture to the flagship store after work. First off, it's looking much better in there lately and the wall of shoes was looking mighty comely.

I was tempted by a pair of platform gladiator sandals and some 3-strap Mary Jane's but in the end I plumped for some black suede platform boots. They've got a lovely shape and I like the suede texture but I'm pretty sure those spindly heels will be wrecked in no time and , I know they're lace-ups but I would have appreciated a zip to making wearing them a little less time consuming. Ah well...Also picked up a Giles Deacon purple plaid shirt from the men's section. It's big, soft and flannely. Perfect.

Since I could see its shining sign and open doors from across the road, I also took a look in Primark this foolhardy "quick pop-in" lasted several hours and ended in my buying at least 3 outfits worth of tat.

Stripes and Tartan Belt, Topshop
Boots, New Look
The rest, Primark

Lumber-rock?Boots and plaid shirt, New Look
The rest, Primark

Acceptable in the 80sShoes, Shellys
Bow tie, thrifted
The rest (including preposterous ankle warmers- how old do I think I am??) Primark

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