Wednesday, 3 December 2008

December Daily Outfits - December 3, 2008

Over the Advent season, chances are that you'll spend at least one weekend playing "hostess with the mostess", inviting friends rounds for dinner or Sunday lunch. I think it's always fun to dress up on these occasions and it's a good excuse to break out the 50s housewife gear. So, here it is, the hostess outfit.
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It's a cutesy outfit, isn't it? All polka dots and bows. There's nothing like a cute pinny to put you in the mood for fiixng endless rounds of vodka tonics, while simultaneously baking a vat of cupcakes and turning out the perfect roast.

I also reckon that if you're in your own home and you must wear shoes, you might as well wear comfortable ones but there's no need to stint on the pretty. Likewise, the neck bow is a nice laid back accessory, which adds to the outfit without having to resort to the stuffiness pearls or a statement neck piece.

JJ Park spot dress, Oli
Heart pocket apron, Dolly Dagger
Todd Lynn Bill Carson bow tie, Net-a-Porter
Demi-wedge, t-bar, ASOS

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