Monday, 24 November 2008

Watch this space

I've never been a huge fan of watches as fashion accessory. I have one watch. I've had it for years. It's got a chunky leather strap, which - I try to tell myself - makes my man's wrists look dainty, and it tells the time. That's about all I need from a watch.

So I'm baffled by my sudden hankering after some rather novelty-esque watches in the past 24 hours. Must be that Christmas feeling.

For starters, Swatch, purveyors of fine novelty watches for the fashion obsessed have only gone and done a whole collection of watch designs inspired by Bond villains. I have to say, it's brilliant. I mean, it's not like I'd be buying one myself, but for die hard Bond fans, they'd be hard to resist. They are also a perfect no brainer Christmas gift for the Bond-geek in your life.

My favourites are the Dr No (fantastic retro styling), Baron Samedi, Xenia Onatopp (I know) Franz Sanchez and Le Chifre. But for maximum bling points, it's got to be the shiny, gold plated insanity of the Goldfinger inspired, Odd Job. Diabolical fun. Check them out here. You can also take the online quiz to find out which villain you're most like.

If you like your wrist candy a bit more pop-py then feast your eyes on the candy red loveliness of Betsey Johnson's red bow bangle watch, available on ASOS. It's ridiculous yet divine.It's pure plastic pleasure perfection. It appeals to everything in me that wants to gorge on toffee apples, while lounging in bath full of pink feathers, sipping a baby bottle of pink champagne with one of those bendy straws that go round your eyes like glasses. So, so wrong.

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