Friday, 29 August 2008

So Fugly! Topshop pierrot hat, £15

Dear Topshop, please tell me, what is this? On second thoughts, no, don't tell me. I know what it is, what I want to know is: why?Okay, I get that you feel the need to underscore your place at the very cutting edge of high street fashion, your remit to show us that no trend is too unwearable to be left unrepresented.

I get that there are hep young things out there that are willing to wear anything (even a glorified dunce's cap) as long as it makes them stand out from the crowd.

Hell, I even understand that the whole circus trend can be quite cute. I love the odd ruff, and a pom pom or two can be fun but... Really? A clown hat? Did you have to take it all so literally?

Oh, and one more question: I noticed that you don't have this particular item on your site anymore; did you pull it or did a clown convention drop by on the off-chance and buy up the lot?

Just wondering...

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